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Modern breeding and agro technology of field crops
innovative solutions and perspectives
5th-6th June 2019
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Commemorating Todor Rachinsky
(1929 1980)

     There are certain names in the history of Bulgarian wheat breeding, which mark peaks, and which honor and glorify the country far beyond its boundaries. In the middle of the 20th century, the legend of Todor Rachinsky was brought forth at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute; through his life and work he became a symbol of creativity and dedication to science, a synonym of human dignity, a model for devotion, modesty and humanity.

     He was a talented researcher and a remarkable breeder who promoted the Bulgarian agronomy science and breeding achievements in the country and abroad, and who dedicated his entire adult life, professional expertise and personal energy to the progress of the agricultural science and the prosperity of Bulgarian agriculture.

     It has been now 90 years since the birth of this remarkable phenomenon of Bulgarian breeding on the 4th of July in the town of Vratsa in the distant 1929.

     Todor Rachinsky worked as a wheat breeder at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute from 1963 till his sudden death. He was Director of the Institute from 1974 to 1980.

     During 1970 1979, he developed twenty-two wheat varieties, among which were Russalka, Charodeika, Yubiley, Trakiya, Ogosta, Skythia and Rubin. He worked on theoretical and methodological aspects of applied wheat genetics. He conducted valuable researches on the heritability of quantitative traits determining wheat productivity and carried out detailed studies on grain quality and the breeding potential for combining high productivity and high technological parameters.

     He was the first to appreciate, use and apply the worlds leading breeding achievements to the agricultural practices in Bulgaria; he was also the first to develop and introduce short-stemmed wheat varieties with increased productivity and high resistance to lodging; he used new genetic resources to increase the potential of the spike, the resistance to diseases and other stress factors, and grain quality. He is the author of fifty-five research papers and popular science publications.

     He died in a car crash on 26th December 1980 leaving behind invaluable heritage. His name shall be remembered and honored not only by his contemporaries, but also by the generations to come.

     This International Conference on Modern breeding and agro technology of field crops innovative solutions and perspectives is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the distinguished breeder. It will be held on 5-6 June 2019 at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute General Toshevo. Its main purpose is to promote the use of innovative solutions in the breeding and agro technology of field crops, which open new perspectives for the development of competitive agriculture.

We wish you successful participation!